The Value of Membership.  Club Lewy membership brings many rewards to its members to include a fun and exciting group of players and coaches who thoroughly enjoy the sport, competition, and just having fun!


All members have full access to our website, Newsletters and One Day Camps. Members also get automatic Invites to all extended camps, leagues and in-state tournaments. As part of the family you have direct access to top level coaching. Coach Lewis is the highest rated and the only Level # USAFH certified coach in the state of Colorado, with the most up to date technical and tactical learning. As a member you also get a discount on private lessons.


First time equipment needs (All players) will have free access to borrow a stick and ball as Dita our proud sponsor has provided high quality youth level equipment to outfit all our newer players participating for the first time. All players will be responsible to bring proper foot wear, shin guards and mouth guard protection.


Youth level players girls and boys (Grades Kindergarten to 5th) will want to access all (one day) development camps throughout the year and summer trainings. These youth trainings focus on proper fundamentals to ensure confidence, success and fun.


For all girls and boys (Grades 6th through 12th) they will be encouraged to participate in all year round CLFH events, They may also participate in traviling tournaments (invite only); National Indoor Tournament (NIT) held in Virginia, Cal Cup held in Moorpark California and Shooting Stars/Festival held in different locations. All players are invited to participate in the Colorado Indoor Tournament (CIT) held here in good old Monument. Boys who's level of play qualify will be asked to participate at an identification camp at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista CA.


All boys who want to reach elite level play will be asked to participate in our USA Field Hockey Colorado Regional Development Site(CRDS) Headed by coach Paul Lewis. To develop opportunities with the goal to reach Junior National and National Team status. Boys with interest in this area will need to sit down with coach Lewis and commit to a training plan both physical and skill development that they will follow diligently in order to reach their next level goals.


All Girls who want to reach elite level or interested in college play may tryout and participate in our USA Field Hockey Futures Program with the goal to prepare for college or in some cases push for Junior National and National Team selection.


Middle school players (grades 6th, 7th & 8th) will also want to take advantage of our fall season, Middle School League. See Events and click on Fall Middle School League to register.


College Bound- (girls only) should access all Advanced Development Camps and will have direct contact with the most up to date and effective recruitment guidance that includes, individual skills video, proper resume building and effective college communications advice.These players should sign up for the USAFH Futures Program.


If it is your goal to play in college, it is very important that you understand how the recruitment process works. Each athlete must be current with the ever changing process and procedures that occur within the recruiting world.  Applying the most aggressive and up to date techniques is vital in each athlete’s journey.  Without proper management even the most talented player can be overlooked. Club Lewy membership will give your college bound student athlete an experienced support team that will assure their highest recruitment success.


Coach Lewis has an extensive network of current influential Field Hockey professionals working in key positions throughout the USA. With many personal friendships in both past and present National Team Players, CLFH athletes are given a unique advantage in all their hockey endeavors. All players who achieve elite level play will be directed towards high performance programs with the ultimate goal of playing for the National Team.


Recognize All Leagues and Extended Camps- are pay as you play, we encourage all our Club Lewy members to take advantage of as much hockey as they can handle. We recognize that some players have other commitments throughout the year so pay as you play was designed for convenience with no attached or inflated membership fees. We want you to get the most for your money while pursuing your goals and having fun.


  • To become a member Step1, simply sign up for any current event. Choose an event then click registration form print and return the completed form and check by mail. Now in order to participate in our events all members must also be a current USFHA member. Step 2, register online at This membership is a yearly fee that covers insurance for all Club Lewy facilities, coaches and players. Please select Club Lewy as your club affiliate (click on USA Field Hockey button-left to transfer to their website). Once you have done those two things you are now a Club Lewy Member and more importantly connected to the fun.